Burford Concrete Water Tanks

Burford are New Zealand leaders in the design and supply of concrete water tanks, septic tanks, and water and effluent systems to South Island lifestyle block and farm owners just like you. Based in Winton, south of almost everywhere, we have been manufacturing quality concrete tanks for water storage, septic and effluent systems and concrete sheds since 1958.

We also build other concrete products that are suitable for farm or lifestyle block uses (including Stock Troughs and Stone Traps). Our concrete products meet or exceed all New Zealand standards, and are designed to give you years of trouble free usage. 

Concrete products produced in 1958 are still in use today.  Where-ever you are, we support and maintain our concrete products and accessories.  Ongoing maintenance of our concrete products is recommended for best performance.  We can supply you with filters, covers, and any necessary consultancy as required.

Water Storage

water storage tanksWhilst we produce a wide range of concrete products, our Concrete Water Tanks are particularly popular – especially in the New Zealand summer.  Concrete tanks are the best water storage solution for your farm or lifestyle property, because concrete provides natural insulation of the water from the sun, keeping the water cool, and thus minimising the amount of bacterial growth in the water.  South Island based land holders should Contact Us to discuss your needs.


Effluent Systems

Our effluent systems experience is also second to none.  Because concrete tanks are so durable, they can be placed on, in, or under the ground – allowing us to formulate an effluent solution that really works for you, and that is customised to work in your exact farm layout / conditions.

Options include

  • Single Chamber
  • Pump Chamber
  • Dosing Systems
  • Treatment Plants
  • Two in One Septic Tank Systems

Producer statements are available for all our Water Tank and Septic Systems.

Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank ServicingWe also offer services like our specialised Water Tank Cleaning Service, which you should undertake every 3-5 years.  

Your water tank is thoroughly emptied, the walls and floors water blasted, and then the tank contents that have been unsettled from the water blasting are removed.  This ensures that there is no residue entering your household plumbing system. 

We don’t clean Septic Tank systems, just fresh water systems, so there is no risk of equipment cross-contamination

With your water tank clean and operating at peak efficiency, we can then arrange for a fresh water load to be delivered and fed into your Water Tank. If you need a tank clean please call us.

Concrete Farm Products

Burford can supply and deliver our concrete products to any farm or rural property in New Zealand, and we will work with your existing farm contractors to assist with installation if necessary. We welcome your enquiry about any of our concrete product solutions.  Thank you for visiting the Burford website and beginning your journey with us. Contact us now.