About Burford

Our history

Originally a partnership between brothers Dave and Tom Burford, the business started in the North Island in the early 1950s. The brothers then moved south and established a site in Winton, Southland, in 1958.

From 2018, Harvey Tanks from Invercargill now run and operate Burford Tanks. Providing concrete water tanks in a range of sizes to suit farms, domestic houses, and lifestyle blocks, and supplying concrete septic tank systems to suit all applications.

The team

Today, Burford staff have an exceptional amount of experience in the concrete industry.

Foreman, Jason, has been working at Burford Tanks for over 20 years. He has a wealth of experience and ensures each concrete tank is built to a very high standard.

Steve, second in command, completed his trade building concrete tanks and has a range of experience in different areas. He has been with the company since 1976 and is a great asset to the Burford team.

Simon has worked for Burford Tanks for the past 10 years also a great asset to the business.

1968 Video

Brothers Tom and Dave Burford of Burford tanks, Winton in the video from 1968 are seen transporting tanks to Queenstown and then float these heavy concrete water tanks across Lake Wakatipu to Walter Peak Station. They are then seen transporting a bulldozer across Von Valley to get to Walter Peak station...its not a road or a track... its really rough...and they couldnt get the tank over that way...hence why they floated across the lake... the dozer is transported to met the tank and pull it out of the water and into place.
The next part of the video show tanks being transported to Lake Manapouri for supplying water for the township.


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