Burford Concrete Tanks

Supply of concrete tanks throughout Southland, Otago and Canterbury

Water storage, septic tank systems and floodwash concrete tanks

Established over 65 years ago, Burford are a common name in the design, manufacture and installation of concrete tanks for water storage, septic tank systems and floodwash concrete tanks. Burford tanks can be scaled up or down depending on your needs and we will ensure you get the best possible advice and solution for your property.

Guard against the risk of a possible drought next summer and install a larger water tank today.

Concrete Water Storage Tanks

Made-to-order concrete water tanks

Water storage for domestic use, stock or firefighting reserves

Burford have been building custom concrete tanks since 1958 and with years of experience in the industry, we are the leading supplier of concrete water tanks in Southland, Otago and the Southern Lakes.

Features and benefits of concrete water tanks

Burford tanks are made using a superior building process under controlled factory coditions and to an engineers design certificate, giving you a superior customised water storage system you can rely on. 

  • Burford tanks are made with fibre reinforcing in the plaster, ensuring the plaster holds together better and minimises the chance of the tank leaking.
  • Burford tanks can be part buried to clear windows, spouting, and for landscaping purposes. If required, a Burford tank can be completely buried when a specially reinforced concrete roof is cast on the tank in the factory.
  • Concrete tanks don't budge! As concrete tanks are stronger than plastic, they are wind resistant and won't blow away in a storm.
  • Concrete is more dense and therefore stays cooler than plastic, meaning it minimises bacteria growth in your water.
  • Chemicals commonly used in plastic water tanks can leach into your drinking water. This does not occur in concrete tanks.

Delivery and cleaning of your concrete water tank

Burford's have a mobile tank cleaning and repair service to ensure the water in your tank is always safe for your family. Burford can also arrange delivery to your site and work alongside your contractor to install the tank. Contact Jason today to book in your concrete water tank clean or to discuss delivery.

Concrete water tank sizes

We produce nine different sized concrete water tanks from 1,800 to 30,000 litres. The tanks can be installed to suit the needs of your property.

Capacity (litres) Height Diameter Weight (tonnes) Underground weight (tonnes)
24,750 2870mm 3500mm 6.8 8.5
22,500 2565mm 3500mm 6 8.1
13,500 2410mm 2840mm 5 6.8
9000 1675mm 2840mm 4 5.8
6300 2230mm 2000mm 2.5 3
5000 1880mm 2000mm 2 2.5
1800 1300mm 1575mm 1 1.5
1100 1200mm 1200mm 0.75 1

Our range of water tanks from 1100 litres to 24,750 litres, have PS2 Producer Statements for tanks in the following situations:

  • On the ground
  • In the ground
  • Underground

Concrete Frost Protection Box

Protect the fittings on your concrete tank

Prevents the inlet and outlet fittings from freezing

The concrete frost protection box is designed to go around the inlets and outlets of a water tank to prevent the fittings from freezing in the winter.

The frost protection box is placed up against the wall of the water tank, enclosing the taps. The concrete box can then be filled with straw or any other insulation-type material to minimise the chances of any taps freezing.

This style of protection cannot be blown away in high winds and it also prevents any damage to the tap protruding from the tank from stock damage.

Frost protection box size

  • Front width 700mm
  • Back width 600mm
  • Heigh 500mm
  • Depth 450mm

Floodwash Concrete Tanks

Storage for large amounts of water

Floodwash tank solutions can reduce hours of cleaning time

Normally used by New Zealand diary farmers to flood wash their dairy farms, floodwash tanks store a large amount of water, and when the outlet is opened, can release large surges of water very quickly. This approach greatly reduces the amount of effort required to clean the areas that animals frequent, including farm yards, animal feeding areas, and animal movement lanes (often called flush alleys). It’s important that a thorough clean of all areas that animals have used is done regularly, to ensure the areas are sanitary for use.

Burford provides a range of quality, concrete floodwash tanks to farms in Southland, Otago and Canterbury, ranging in size from 13,500 litre, 22,500 litre, 24,750 litre, and 30,000 litre capacities.  Our most popular floodwash tank size is currently 22,500 litres, which is suitable for medium size farms.   

Burford floodwash tanks are manufactured in Winton, Southland. When manufacturing at the Burford factory, any size of pipe outlet can be installed into the floodwash tank. Our tanks are built to provide excellent and fast water flow performance, and are built to appropriate New Zealand standards to ensure a high quality, long lasting product.

Design and installation of concrete floodwash tanks

Burford will work with you to design the best floodwash tank solution for your needs, with an aim to providing a quality flood wash implementation that avoids unnecessary water use. Our tanks can be configured to use fresh water, plate cooler water, or effluent pond water. 

A typical installation will have a large tank placed at the top of the yard slope so that the water can flow naturally downwards from the tank when released. Sometimes the tank is raised up from the ground level, to provide additional gravitational force – and thus more effective cleaning. You may additionally elect to fit a drain valve for general maintenance.

Burford can arrange delivery of your concrete flood wash tank and work with your farm contractor to install it in the appropriate place. Contact Jason today for a discussion on how a concrete flood wash tank could benefit your farm. 

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