Concrete Water Tank Servicing and Cleaning

Keeping your concrete water tank healthy

Regular cleaning minimises bacterial growth and gives you healthy drinking water

Your family's health depends on the quality of your water supply so it's important that you keep your water tanks clean. Burford's have a specialty tank cleaning and mobile repair service to make the process easy.

Check the quality of your water

Water sits in layers in the tank and can sometimes stagnate and go off, resulting in the water smelling quite bad. If you are in the shower and the water smells off, or it tastes bad when you drink it, you need to contact Burford's to arrange for your concrete water tank to be cleaned.

The manhole cover on your water tank should not be left off the tank as this will allow light to penetrate the water, turning the walls of the tank green with moss, resulting in dirty water. Birds, rats and mice can also enter the tank and contaminate your water supply. 

Concrete water tank safety

Water tanks that are half full of water pose a significant hazard on your property should anyone fall in to it. Burford's recommend that if your tank is under a patio or the roof of the tank is near ground level, the manhole cover is kept on at all times to prevent people and animals from falling in to the tank.

It is also a good idea to seal any holes in the wall near the top that used to have pipework entering the tank and installing downpipe filters to prevent birds and vermin entering the tank from the spouting.

Water tank cleaning process

Concrete water tanks should be emptied and cleaned every 2 - 3 years. At that time, the structural strength of the tank is inspected for any cracks. If there are any minor cracks in the walls, they can be repaired at the same time.

The emptying and cleaning process should take 1.5 - 2 hours and when completed, Burford's recommend that the tank be refilled with clean, chlorinated water that is trucked in from a secure and registered source e.g. the local council water supply. Burford's can arrange this at your request. The advantage of starting with chlorinated water is it will allow the pump to circulate the water around your water fixtures in the house, killing any bacteria that could be in the pipe work.

Your water tank service includes:

  • Empty the tank
  • Vacuum mud off tank floor
  • Water blast inside of the tank
  • Vacuum out debris
  • Rinse the tank
  • Vacuum off rinsings
  • Leave the tank clean for a fresh load of water
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