Burford Concrete Sheep Troughs

Strong 250 litre concrete troughs

Rectangular concrete sheep troughs that won't get damaged in bad weather or by stock 

Burford's concrete sheep troughs hold 250 litres of water to ensure your sheep are well catered for on long, hot, summer days. With ballcock protection, there is no chance of stock damaging vital equipment. 

Unlike plastic troughs, concrete troughs won't break down with the UV light from the sun and animals prefer to drink from concrete as plastic can taint the water.

Phone Leigh on 027 453 5363 and place an order for a concrete sheep trough for your rural property today. 

Concrete Sheep Troughs

Burford concrete sheep water trough

Ensure your sheep have a supply of fresh water 

Burford concrete sheep troughs are made in Winton, Southland and supplied to farms across New Zealand. 

Concrete stock trough size

  • Capacity 250 litres
  • Depth 310mm
  • Width 685mm
  • Length 830mm
  • Weight 380Kg
Burford's manufacture a wide range of concrete products. Contact Leigh Burford today to discuss your requirements.

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