Septic tanks - dosing systems - 16th May 2016

Burford have developed a dosing septic tank that is suitable for effluent-dosing to soil absoption systems.


The Burford Dosing Septic Tank has a built-in dosing chamber (second septic chamber) equipped with a shallow-draught automatic dosing siphon. The effluent distribution pipe in the infiltration trench or bed must be 500 mm or more lower than the sewer into the septic tank. 
Examples include deep infiltration trenches/beds on level sites and shallow trench systems that are down-slope of the septic tank on hill sites.

The dosing siphon is made of PVC plastic and has no moving parts. It operates automatically, with discharge starting when water in the dosing chamber reaches the 'trip' level, and stopping when discharge has brought the water level down to 160 mm below the trip level (corresponding to a dose volume of approximately 220 litres).

Customised dosing siphons

The 160 mm draw-down is for the standard siphon. Siphons can be adjusted in the factory for draw-downs up to 185 mm, if required, thereby increasing the dose volume by up to 15%.

Paired siphons can be installed in the dosing chamber for automatic alternating dosing to two effluent distribution systems.


The dosing siphon should not require cleaning or maintenance. However, if a blockage should occur, the top of the siphon 'bell' is removable and all parts of the siphon can be cleaned.

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