Concrete Pump Sheds

Concrete sheds to protect pumps on your rural property

Keep your pumps secure, dry and out of damaging high winds

Many New Zealand farms and lifestyle blocks need to be able to keep their pumps in a secure, dry shed that cannot be blown away or damaged in high winds. Burford produces a wide range of pump sheds that are purpose built to meet your exact needs. Made in Winton, Southland, our pump sheds come in sizes from 2 metres diameter to 3.9 metres diameter.

The sheds can be sited anywhere in New Zealand (ideally on a level surface) and Burford can often help to organise the delivery and installation of your shed, in consultation with your farm or site contractors.

Our pump sheds provide great protection from the New Zealand environment, year round. They are ideal if you need to keep your pumps and the electrical connections safe and dry. You can work around pumps in the shed, depending on what size you order. Burford can also put holes in the shed in the appropriate places if required.

Sheds have previously been made with a hole in the floor and placed over the top of bores and wells. This keeps your water safe from animals and enables pumps and electrics to be contained in a safe tidy area to minimise maintenance.

Our sheds have lockable steel doors for security. Burford can manufacture pump sheds with any size door that you may require for your pumping needs. Burford realises that every New Zealand rural or farm situation is different, so we offer the ability to fully customise your pump shed to suit your needs.

Concrete pump shed sizes

Diameter Height Weight Site dimensions
1200mm 1600mm 500kg Level area 2m square
2000mm 2230mm 2.5 tonne Level area 2.5m square
2840mm 2410mm 5 tonne Level area 3.5m square
3500mm 2565mm 6 tonne Level area 4m square
3900mm 2565mm 9 tonne Level area 4.5m square

Standard door opening is 900mm wide x 1900mm high
1200mm diameter concrete shed:  door opening is 470mm wide x 1200mm high
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