Concrete Dangerous Goods & Chemical Storage Sheds

Storage of poisonous, corrosive or flammable materials

Purpose built dangerous goods and chemical storage sheds

Many New Zealand farms and lifestyle blocks need secure storage of materials that are poisonous, corrosive or flammable. Burford produces a wide range of dangerous goods and chemical sheds that are purpose built to meet your exact needs.

The sheds can be sited anywhere in New Zealand (ideally on a level surface) – and Burford can often help to organise the delivery and installation of your shed, in consultation with your farm or site contractors.

Made in Winton, Southland, our hazardous item storage sheds come in sizes from 2 metres diameter to 3.9 metres diameter.

Concrete storage shed specifications

Our dangerous goods and chemical sheds provide great protection from the New Zealand environment, year round. They are ideal if you have flammable materials to store like paints, solvents, gases, engine fuel, oil, animal dips, herbicides, or insecticides, or if you have materials like fertilizer and cement to store that can attract moisture from the air and deteriorate.

Burford concrete sheds have lockable steel doors for security, and have ventilation in both the floor and roof areas of the shed for improved airflow. Dangerous goods sheds provided by Burford are also non-combustible (made from concrete, to high New Zealand standards), and are clearly labelled with an orange HazChem 2WE sign. With doors 150mm above floor level for access, any spills that occur within the sheds are contained, reducing your risk of leaking chemicals into the environment (an offence under The Resource Management Act 1991).

Burford realises that every New Zealand rural or farm situation is different, so we offer the ability to fully customise racks inside the shed, to hold the different hazardous material container sizes you need to store. Our dangerous goods storage solutions also allow for the full segregation of items – for example, storing insecticides away from herbicides. Whilst storage racks allow you to store items off the ground in your shed, some items like large liquid containers should always be stored at floor level – which is possible within our sheds due to the style of racking we supply.

Concrete dangerous goods shed sizes

Diameter Height Bundage capacity (approx.) Weight Site dimensions
1200mm 1600mm 120 litres 500kg Level area 2m square
2000mm 2230mm 400 litres 2.5 tonne Level area 2.5m square
2840mm 2410mm 720 litres 5 tonne Level area 3.5m square
3500mm 2565mm 1162 litres 6 tonne Level area 4m square
3900mm 2565mm 1450 litres 9 tonne Level area 4.5m square

Note: The bundage capacity (as above) is when the door in the shed is 150mm above the floor. This prevents spillage or leakage and is ensures all spills are contained within the shed. The bundage capacity can be increased by manufacturing a shorter door.

The shed also has a lockable steel door with a vent and there is a vent in the roof. These vents allow for airflow within the shed.

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