Purpose Built Concrete Killing Sheds

Concrete killing sheds provide a cool and easy to work in environment

Burford concrete kill sheds meet the New Zealand laws for on-site farm killing sheds

Whilst many New Zealand farmers send their animals off to licensed slaughter houses for killing and processing, some farmers may kill additional animals on the farm for eating by their families or workers, or as food for the working dogs on the farm property. 

New Zealand law stipulates that farms killing stock on site must kill the animals in dog-proof facilities. This is largely to avoid the risk of contamination of the meat by rabies and other diseases. Killing sheds are commonly used to kill stock and then hang the carcass.

Burford concrete kill shed specifications

Burford manufacture a range of killing sheds suitable for use on New Zealand farms. Our kill sheds are based upon our proven concrete water tanks. In addition to the features of a concrete water tank they have a sloping concrete floor that slopes towards a drain, which in turn leads to a covered sump. This makes the shed easy to clean, using a water hose and detergent. 

The door of your new killing shed is made from freezer panels. Unlike a steel door, the sun doesn’t heat the Burford kill shed door, reducing excess heat built up in the shed. Each killing shed is ventilated through a small vent in the shed wall, placed opposite to the main door, allowing air movement to occur. In summer, water can also be applied to the shed roof via sprinkling hoses to help keep the concrete walls cool. This provides a more comfortable working temperature for the farmer or butcher, and it will additionally help firm up any hanging meat.

Your killing shed is designed for easy use. The standard killing shed is 2.7 metres high, with a 3.5 metre diameter. To allow you to easily hang meat, a rail extends outside of the killing shed door, making it easier to hang and slide meat in and around the shed. The hanging rail extension can be removed at any time so the door can be closed.

Burford have supplied killing sheds to farms and lifestyle blocks in Southland, Otago and Canterbury.  We can work alongside your usual farm contractors to arrange delivery and installation of the sheds. We can also provide a full range of killing shed accessories and further killing solution consultancy as required. 

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