Waste Water Treatment

Selecting a waste water system for your property

Concrete septic tanks to sewage treatment plants

When building a new home in the country the effluent from the property must be treated and disposed of without affecting any neighbouring properties. Burford can provide anything from a single concrete septic tank to a sewage treatment plant depending on your requirements.

During the planning stages, an engineer must perform a site and soil examination. This will determine whether a septic tank or waste water treatment plant will need to be installed on the site to treat the effluent to a required standard. In some cases, the effluent when treated correctly could be used for irrigation around shrubs and on grass.

Burford waste water systems can be scaled up or down, depending on the property or subdivision size. Burford's wastewater treatment plants have been installed throughout New Zealand and are well proven in the marketplace. We have installed treatment plants in some extremely remote locations in the South Island including Deep Cove in Fiordland.

For more information on selecting a waste water system for your property, read our information booklet for homeowners or contact Jason to talk through your requirements. 

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