Filtration / Aeration Tanks

Seeking alterntives to traditional methods of water collection

Clean, pure, mineral and bacteria-free water for people and stock

Clean, drinkable water for both farm animals and people living in rural locations is becoming a major awareness issue for many areas of the Otago and Southland region, and forward thinking farmers and lifestyle block owners are seeking alternatives to traditional methods of water collection.

Burford's can supply concrete tanks which a filtration and aeration system can be mounted on top to ensure a constant supply of drinkable water is available.

Regional councils are all pushing for better methods of water use on farms, while farmers themselves are realising that clean, pure, mineral and bacteria-free water means stock health is considerably improved.

Aeration water treatment

Aeration is used in water treatment as a pre-treatment in the process of removing iron and hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) from water. Air quickly converts unfilterable ferrous iron to filterable ferric iron, and it reduces hydrogen sulphide to elemental sulphur, which is easily removed from water by a filter.  Air is considerably faster than chlorine at oxidising water.

Tank cleaning

Regular tank cleaning minimises bacterial growth and gives you healthier drinking water. Burford's provide concrete water tank servicing and cleaning with a specialty mobile repair service to make the process easy.

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