Open-top Effluent Tank

Concrete open-top tanks for effluent storage

Burford provide open-top effluent tanks from 1100 litres up to 30,000 litres

Open-top concrete effluent tanks range in size from our largest at 30,000 litres down to our smallest of 1100 litres. Site preparation and tank delivery is the same as for tanks above ground and Burford's can take care of this for you and work with your farm contractor if required.

To prevent the tank floating, Burford recommends that 12 metres of 10mm diameter steel be threaded through the lifting loops at the bottom of the tank, and two large truck loads of ready-mix concrete be placed around the base of the tank.

Open-top effluent tank risers

Open-top tanks which are situated below ground, allow soil and debris to fall into the tank blocking the pumps. Sites which are also not fenced, are easy for stock, dogs and people to fall into and injure themselves.

To eliminate these hazards, Burford recommend installing a concrete riser the same diameter or larger on top of the tank. A concrete foundation can then be placed around the bottom of the riser, sealing the tank and to stop back fill from running into it. Around the tank can then be back filled to complete the job and make the farm safe.

The sizes that can be manufactured are 3.5m diameter or 3.9m diameter. This is the diameter of the 22,500 litre, 24,750 litre, and 30,000 litre effluent tanks. The maximum height that we can manufacture to is 2.7m high.

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