Burford │ Lifestyle water and effluent systems

Delivery of your new concrete tank and ongoing servicing and cleaning

The team at Burford know everything there is to know about concrete tanks and effluent systems. With over 40 years in the industry, Burford's concrete water tanks come in a range of sizes to suit farms, domestic houses and lifestyle blocks and we also make concrete septic tank systems to suit your requirements.

Burford concrete water tanks are made from natural materials and keep water cool, slowing down bugs and bacterial growth in the water. We not only supply concrete water tanks, we also provide a water tank cleaning service to remove the mud and bugs that might be hiding on the bottom of the tanks. Burford only cleans water tanks, so there is no possible cross-contamination between water systems and septic tanks. If you would like to get your tank cleaned email Leigh.

Based in Winton, Southland, Burford has a factory on site where all concrete tanks and sheds are made. Using a local contractor, we can deliver the tank to your site and work with your contractors to ensure optimal siting and performance. 

Contact Jason today to discuss your requirements

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